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Bobby Curreri - Photographer and Owner

For 25 years, I spent my days working in the Orange County Sheriff's Office, eventually retiring as a First Sergeant. Although I am proud of my work and at that time, I was never quite fulfilled by that kind of work. So when retirement came into view, there were those looming questions, "Where will I go from here?, "What am I passionate about", "What work will I feel proud of at the end of each and every day". I felt like a high school senior again with a clean slate ahead of me, embarking on a new career path that would be a huge part of daily life from here on out. 

While searching for direction, I simultaneously had gotten a brand new iPhone. Tinkering around with the camera here and there led to exploring the world of visual art and editing... and before I knew it, the direction had found me. It was a no brainer for me to become a photographer, and through the years of shooting different subjects and landscapes, I've found that I'm most passionate about senior photography. 

On the creative end, portraiture is just hands down my favorite. I love the endless possibilities it lends itself to through composites, lighting, editing, and high-end fashion. On an emotional level, there is something magical about this junction in life, where one chapter ends so many more are unwritten. 

Hudson Valley Photographer | bobbycurreristudios@gmail.com

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