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  • Please share or use for profile. Please don't crop or remove watermark. Peter Salo Photography ©2015
  • Please share or use for profile. Please don't crop or remove watermark. Peter Salo Photography ©2015
  • Please share or use for profile. Please don't crop or remove watermark. Peter Salo Photography ©2015

Thanks for stopping by and considering me as your photographer. I truly mean it when I say I am honored!

So let's get to it. I love narratives. A spoken, written, sung or visual account of connected events; a story.  My main mediums to capture or create these stories is through photography and music. I began my journey in photography in 2014 when I began dabbling with capturing my 6 children and wife in our daily life. I fell in love with how you can tell a visual story through a single or series of images. As a professional touring musician and songwriter as well, I am always turning life into art. I just can't, nor want, to shut that part of my brain off.

Therefore, my focus in photography has been fine art portraiture. Looking to find the right angle, light and moment to catch the essence of each persons story, or maybe even just a single page in that story. Having raised many children of my own, I take joy in family photography whether it be your entire family or capturing your own children from birth through their many milestones and chapters.

Ultimately, there is no story quite like a love story which is why I also find myself drawn to engagement, wedding and couples photography. The thrill and honor of being a part of documenting something as important as you and your partner is not something I take lightly.

So whether I am photographing a headshot, 1st birthday cake smash, engagement shoot, family portraits or your wedding... they are all equally important moments in your narrative. I will do my absolute best to capture your story and turn it into art that will last generations.

Some More Things to Know About Me and My Process...              

I have a creative need for BOTH aspects of photography. The shooting and the editing. From beginning to end I am completely invested in our session or wedding together. It's not just about capturing the images, but then what I can do in the editing process to take your visual narrative to the next level.  

Still Want to Know More?

As I've mentioned, my wife and I have 6 beautiful children. My oldest, Travis, is a Marine. My second oldest, Austin, is chasing his dreams out in LA in the film industry. Owen is a pre-teen and our youngest three (Colin, William and Jocelyn - a set of triplets) are still in grade school. My life is wild, crazy and chaotic; and I love every bit of it. When my wife and I brought our triplets home from the hospital to our 2 year old and two teenagers, our hands were quite full and quite blessed. So in other words, there is pretty much nothing that you can throw at me that I can't handle! I am calm yet energetic, experienced yet still find joy in simple moments and I have the patience of a saint.

Just For Fun

My other passion is music. When I'm not shooting photography, I am either creating, recording new music, or out on the road performing. I am the lead singer, song-writer and guitarist for the nationally touring band Emish ( as well as the creator of "Jet Collins", a solo project just about to take flight.

In addition to my beautiful family, I adore my rescue dog Bella and rescue cats Hooligan, Sunny and Christmas.

Last, I love to cook. My wife always says that I could have my own cooking show where I could walk into a strangers house (with their permission, of course!) and only be allowed to use the contents of their fridge and pantry to create a meal, and it would be a masterpiece. I love all things where creativity can fly!

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