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Senior Portraits with Alexz

Today's shoot was a senior portrait session with my God-daughter, Alexz Williams. Initially, I had planned on using High Point State Park in NJ as the setting. At some point in the morning though, it struck me that I really wanted to do something with our gorgeous Delaware River and maybe some place with wild flowers.

So the family and I set out for a Saturday afternoon scout, looking for the perfect backdrops. We grabbed some salads and subs and hit the road. It's amazing how much you don't notice until you're really looking and taking in everything around you. Like that brick wall you've passed a million times without second glance until you think "hey, that would make a great background" or the ivy covered fence or solitary red maple. This happened again as we ended up at Airport Park in PA. Despite the many times I've been there, I have never noticed the Veteran's Memorial Park. It's a little nook tucked away in the back with wild flowers, great big bamboo foliage, slate benches and a pavilion. We decided to picnic there, listening to "Queen Bandit" on the iPhone, enjoying family time and the beautiful day. We headed back to the house just in time to meet Alexz, her sister Abi and their cousin McKenna who is also a senior, visiting from North Carolina.

The session started with setting Alexz and McKenna amongst the wildflowers for a cousins portrait. The sky was perfectly overcast so that the sun wasn't glaring in their eyes. We had a lot of fun with different senior props such as scrabble pieces and a banner the girls made representing both high schools they would be graduating from. We then moved on to single portraits of Alexz. It's so gratifying to be able to take pictures of this young lady whom I've known since a baby and have had the privilege of being in her family circle as her God-father. So it was one of my favorite props that she brought a picture of her from her first day of school for her to hold in a shot. Really, a shot 13 school years in the making.

After the park we moved on to the Delaware River just as the sun was setting. The sky could not have been any more perfect and thankfully the water was just the right temperature. While the kids played on the waters edge, Abi and McKenna hung out on the shore and Alexz and I got some breath taking photos of her with the High Point Monument in the background - coming full circle from my original vision for today's shoot. It's almost unfair to call it "work" when you've spent the day with family, taking in the beautiful landscape of our area and capturing the fun loving spirit of a person into an art form. After the editing process, here's what we captured from the day.

Alexz Senior 16

Alexz Reflection

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