Senior Session Pricing

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Congratulations on your decision to invest in your child's Seniors Portraits! I believe there are several reasons why Senior Photography has become so popular. 

- This is unique time in your seniors life. They (and you!) have worked incredibly hard throughout their school years to make it to this major milestone. They have their whole future ahead of them and are about to embark on their own journey whether that be college, military, work force or trade school. Regardless of their direction, this is a significant juncture that is worth documenting through a professional portrait session. 

- This may possibly be the first time they have ever had a chance to experience a whole photography session JUST FOR THEM! No family session here, siblings aren't included - its all about your senior!!! We are here to guide them every step of the way from wardrobe to hair, makeup and location to make sure these images reflect their talents and personality. 

- It's crazy to think that this may be the very last time you hire a professional photographer to document your child in a special way like this until their wedding. 

- Selfies and phone photos are a fun way of documenting daily life, but it just can not compare to a session with a professional photographer who has state of the art equipment, understands proper lighting and has a skill set in artistic and quality editing in post production. The combination of these elements will create digital images and wall-art that are priceless and timeless. A selfie or phone photos just can't compare. 

* Many school districts work with a high volume sales photography company for their yearbook and senior portraits. You will still need to sit with this designated company depending on your school districts yearbook rules and generally should not be charged for these photos or sitting fee unless you make purchases of the images they take. I highly recommend still sitting for this session to ensure your yearbook photo is ready. Depending on the district, the yearbook may require your photo to be from the school photographer. You DO NOT have to purchase a print package from that session however as they are typically quick, un-personalized, high volume studio sessions. 

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Bobby Curreri Studios Pricing

- $350 plus tax - Creative Session Fee 

- Senior may have up to two wardrobes during the shoot.

- Additional digital images can be purchased at additional cost

- After session I will provide you with my additional print packages if interested in purchasing. 

Optional Costs

- $50 additional cost for makeup if desired. I have a professional makeup artist that works with my clients to ensure they look their best through the lens. She will create for you a look that is natural and picture perfect!

- $30 hair styling. Again, I work a local professional hair stylist that I can put you in contact with that will work with you for a polished desired look.

Booking Your Session

To secure a date with Bobby Curreri Studios, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $175. If your original date needs to be cancelled, we will find another day to reschedule your session. 

Please see the "Contact" tab on this website for more details on how to contact me for a session. I sincerely look forward to working with you!

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