Why Me As Your Photographer...

To paint a picture of who I am and what I can offer you as a photographer for the biggest day of your life, I would need quite the color palette. Born a Brooklyn boy, I was always surrounded by the sounds of a large family, community and art. When my family moved to a mountain-top in the middle of the forest later in life, I was engulfed by nature's beauty, silence and an awe for those small, quiet moments.

I've learned from both Brooklyn and the woods that there are many different melodies to life. Your wedding day will hold the sounds of boisterous celebration, as well as those soft and delicate notes when no one is looking - and everything in between. I will be there to capture each and every one of those moments, weave them into art and be able to leave you with images to hold for a lifetime. Also a devoted husband, father of 6 children and professional musician, I know just how important it is to document these moments in time. 

My Style...

I love a good story, but even more, I love to tell a story. As a songwriter I use words and melody to evoke emotion and tell a tale. Through photography, a single image can covey an entire story or a single moment in time using subject, lighting and color. Photographs are one of the very few tangible things we will have left to look back on these precious moments, meaning that my perspective will affect how you remember your most special time. I strive to capture every last detail, big and small. in the most beautiful and artful way possible. I shoot very candid images with a classic timeless feel as well as your more traditional posed portraits.

Although the magic is in the moment, a great photographer must know how to capture that moment through a lens with proper lighting and post-production editing. Whether we're outside using natural light through the clouds and trees or artificial lighting in a hall or church - I give you my expertise, experience as a storyteller and artistic eye to tell the story that you want told.

Pricing Guide

The Mountain Top Collection

- engagement session
- full day wedding coverage (up to 12 hours)
- travel within 200 miles covered
- online gallery for friends and family
- Cost: $2950

The Midlands Collection

- 8 hours wedding day coverage
- travel within 125 miles covered
- online gallery for friends and family
- Cost: $2000

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